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Metachain was originally built to support Polkacity with zero fees. Join us for community networking and news at our Polkacity/Metachain Social networks.
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Social media is full of scammers. Although you may find us in Telegram, Discord and other channels, this is the only way to get support. All other forms of support are too risky. We will never PM you or offer online support.


We are constantly working to bring new updates and features to Metachain, such as:
Metaverse Contracts
Create Zero fees contracts for your cryptocurrency project.
Zero Fees NFT Marketplaces!
Discover, play, and get access to new metacverse games and NFTs.
Multichain Capabilities
Leverage the Metachain swap/bridge to migrate your tokens to Metachain to enjoy fast, reliable free transactions.

And so much more...

Build metaverse games, tokens, contracts, and more deliver your customers the zero fee advantage that Metachain One provides.

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